released June 22, 2015

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Frank McGinnis & The Whim New York

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Track Name: The American Condition (DEMO)
Can I face what I am?
A 29 year old man sitting all alone in a McDonalds.
This is just how things are.
a $1500 car skipping my class at the communtiy college.

Kid, cut the shit. You're alright.
Stop treating your dreams like a blight.

Take a look at your home,
your day to day and your phone.
An application full of good companions.
So what the fuck do you want?
A marquee in a brand new font?
All in the name of molding strangers into loved ones.

Kid, cut the shit. You're just fine.
You get to do what you like all the time.

You said it always looks like the light
shines a little brighter on the other side.
But how can you see just where you're standing
if you never really open your eyes?